Mesa 4.1 has been released

October 29, 2002

Mesa 4.1 has been released. This is a new development release. For a stable release, get 4.0.4.

    - GL_NV_vertex_program extension
    - GL_NV_vertex_program1_1 extension
    - GL_ARB_window_pos extension
    - GL_ARB_depth_texture extension
    - GL_ARB_shadow extension
    - GL_ARB_shadow_ambient extension
    - GL_EXT_shadow_funcs extension
    - GL_ARB_point_parameters extension
    - GL_ARB_texture_env_crossbar
    - GL_NV_point_sprite extension
    - GL_NV_texture_rectangle extension
    - GL_EXT_multi_draw_arrays extension
    - GL_EXT_stencil_two_side extension
    - GLX_SGIX_fbconfig and GLX_SGIX_pbuffer extensions
    - GL_ATI_texture_mirror_once extension (Ian Romanick)
    - massive overhaul/simplification of software rasterizer module,
      many contributions from Klaus Niederkrueger
    - faster software texturing in some cases (i.e. trilinear filtering)
    - new OSMesaGetProcAddress() function
    - more blend modes implemented with MMX code (Jose Fonseca)
    - added glutGetProcAddress() to GLUT
    - added GLUT_FPS env var to compute frames/second in glutSwapBuffers()
    - pbinfo and pbdemo PBuffer programs
    - glxinfo -v prints transprent pixel info (Gerd Sussner)
Bug fixes:
    - better mipmap LOD computation (prevents excessive blurriness)
    - OSMesaMakeCurrent() didn't recognize buffer size changes
    - assorted conformance fixes for 16-bit/channel rendering
    - texcombine alpha subtraction mode was broken
    - fixed some blend problems when GLchan==GLfloat (Gerk Huisma)
    - clamp colors to [0,1] in OSMesa if GLchan==GLfloat (Gerk Huisma)
    - fixed divide by zero error in NURBS tessellator (Jon Perry)
    - fixed GL_LINEAR fog bug by adding clamping
    - fixed FP exceptions found using Alpha CPU
    - 3dfx/glide driver render-to-window feature was broken
    - added missing GLX_TRANSPARENT_RGB token to glx.h
    - fixed error checking related to paletted textures
    - fixed reference count error in glDeleteTextures (Randy Fayan)
    - New spec file and Python code to generate some GL dispatch files
    - Glide driver defaults to "no" with autoconf/automake
    - floating point color channels now clamped to [0,inf)
    - updated demos/stex3d with new options