The Mesa 3D Graphics Library


Mesa provides feature/development and stable releases.

The table below lists the date and release manager that is expected to do the specific release.
Take a look here if you'd like to nominate a patch in the next stable release.


Branch Expected date Release Release manager Notes
17.2 2017-11-24 17.2.6 Andres Gomez
2017-12-08 17.2.7 Emil Velikov Final planned release for the 17.2 series
17.3 2017-11-03 17.3.0-rc3 Emil Velikov
2017-11-10 17.3.0-rc4 Emil Velikov May be promoted to 17.3.0 final
2017-11-24 17.3.1 Andres Gomez
2017-12-08 17.3.2 Emil Velikov
2017-12-22 17.3.3 Emil Velikov