Mesa 6.1 has been released

August 18, 2004

Mesa 6.1 has been released. This is a new development release (version 6.2 will be a stabilization release).

    - Revamped Makefile system
    - glXUseRotatedXFont() utility (see xdemos/xuserotfont.c)
    - internal driver interface changes related to texture object
      allocation, vertex/fragment programs, BlendEquationSeparate, etc.
    - option to walk triangle edges with double-precision floats
      (Justin Novosad of Discreet) (see config.h file)
    - support for AUX buffers in software GLX driver
    - updated glext.h to version 24 and glxext.h to version 6
    - updated BeOS support (Philippe Houdoin)
    - fragment fog interpolation is perspective corrected now
    - new glTexImage code, much cleaner, may be a bit faster
    Bug fixes:
    - glArrayElement in display lists didn't handle generic vertex attribs
    - glFogCoord didn't always work properly
    - ARB_fragment_program fog options didn't work
    - frag prog TEX instruction no longer incorrectly divides s,t,r by q
    - ARB frag prog TEX and TEXP instructions now use LOD=0
    - glTexEnviv in display lists didn't work
    - glRasterPos didn't do texgen or apply texture matrix
    - GL_DOUBLE-valued vertex arrays were broken in some cases
    - fixed texture rectangle edge/border sampling bugs
    - sampling an incomplete texture in a fragment program would segfault
    - glTexImage was missing a few error checks
    - fixed some minor glGetTexParameter glitches
    - GL_INTENSITY was mistakenly accepted as a <format> to glTexImage
    - fragment program writes to RC/HC register were broken
    - fixed a few glitches in GL_HP_occlusion_test extension
    - glBeginQueryARB and glEndQueryARB didn't work inside display lists
    - vertex program state references were broken
    - fixed triangle color interpolation bug on AIX (Shane Blackett)
    - fixed a number of minor memory leaks (bug #1002030)

The MD5 checksums are:

c9284d295ebcd2e0486cc3cd54e5863c  MesaLib-6.1.tar.gz
5de1f53ec0709f60fc68fdfed57351f3  MesaLib-6.1.tar.bz2
8c46cfa6f9732acc6f6c25724aad0246  MesaDemos-6.1.tar.gz
89bfe0f6c69b39fd0ebd9fff481a4e9b  MesaDemos-6.1.tar.bz2