Mesa 6.0 has been released

January 16, 2004

Mesa 6.0 has been released. This is a stabilization of the 5.1 release and primarily just incorporates bug fixes.

    - full OpenGL 1.5 support
    - updated GL/glext.h file to version 21
    - changed max framebuffer size to 4Kx4K (MAX_WIDTH/HEIGHT in config.h)
    Bug fixes:
    - fixed bug in UNCLAMPED_FLOAT_TO_UBYTE macro; solves a color
      clamping issue
    - updated suno5-gcc configs
    - glColor3 functions sometimes resulted in undefined alpha values
    - fixed FP divide by zero error seen on VMS with xlockmore, others
    - fixed vertex/fragment program debug problem (bug 873011)
    - building on AIX with gcc works now
    - glDeleteProgramsARB failed for ARB fragment programs (bug 876160)
    - glDrawRangeElements tried to modify potentially read-only storage
    - updated files for building on Windows