Mesa 5.0.1 has been released

March 30, 2003

Mesa 5.0.1 has been released. This is a stable, bug-fix release.

    - DOS driver updates from Daniel Borca
    - updated GL/gl_mangle.h file (Bill Hoffman)
    Bug fixes:
    - auto mipmap generation for cube maps was broken (bug 641363)
    - writing/clearing software alpha channels was unreliable
    - minor compilation fixes for OS/2 (Evgeny Kotsuba)
    - fixed some bad assertions found with shadowtex demo
    - fixed error checking bug in glCopyTexSubImage2D (bug 659020)
    - glRotate(angle, -x, 0, 0) was incorrect (bug 659677)
    - fixed potential segfault in texture object validation (bug 659012)
    - fixed some bogus code in _mesa_test_os_sse_exception_support (Linus)
    - fix fog stride bug in tnl code for h/w drivers (Michel Danzer)
    - fixed glActiveTexture / glMatrixMode(GL_TEXTURE) bug (#669080)
    - glGet(GL_CURRENT_SECONDARY_COLOR) should return 4 values, not 3
    - fixed compilation problem on Solaris7/x86 (bug 536406)
    - fixed prefetch bug in 3DNow! code (Felix Kuhling)
    - fixed NeXT build problem (FABSF macro)
    - glDrawPixels Z values when glPixelZoom!=1 were invalid (bug 687811)
    - zoomed glDraw/CopyPixels with clipping sometimes failed (bug 689964)
    - AA line and triangle Z values are now rounded, not truncated
    - fixed color interpolation bug when GLchan==GLfloat (bug 694461)
    - glArePrograms/TexturesResident() wasn't 100% correct (Jose Fonseca)
    - fixed a minor GL_COLOR_MATERIAL bug
    - NV vertex program EXP instruction was broken
    - glColorMask misbehaved with X window / pixmap rendering
    - fix autoconf/libtool GLU C++ linker problem on Linux (a total hack)
    - attempt to fix GGI compilation problem when MesaDemos not present
    - NV vertex program ARL-relative fetches didn't work
    - use glPolygonOffset in gloss demo to avoid z-fighting artifacts
    - updated winpos and pointblast demos to use ARB extensions
    - disable SPARC normal transformation code (bug 673938)
    - GLU fixes for OS/2 (Evgeny Kotsuba)

MD5 checksums follow:

b80f8b5d53a3e9f19b9fde5af0c542f0  MesaLib-5.0.1.tar.gz
513b4bbd7d38951f05027179063d876b  MesaLib-5.0.1.tar.bz2
49d7feaec6dc1d2091d7c3cc72a9b320  MesaDemos-5.0.1.tar.gz
37190374a98c3c892f0698be9ca3acf0  MesaDemos-5.0.1.tar.bz2