March 23, 2000

March 23, 2000

I’ve just upload the Mesa 3.2 beta 1 files to SourceForge at

3.2 (note even number) is a stabilization release of Mesa 3.1 meaning it’s mainly just bug fixes.

Here’s what’s changed:

    Bug fixes:
        - mixed drawing of lines and bitmaps sometimes had wrong colors
        - added missing glHintPGI() function
        - fixed a polygon culling bug
        - fixed bugs in gluPartialDisk()
        - Z values in selection mode were wrong
        - added missing tokens:
        - fixed glCopyPixels when copying from back to front buffer
        - GL_EXT_compiled_vertex_array tokens had _SGI suffix instead of _EXT
        - glDrawRangeElements(GL_LINES, 0, 1, 2, type, indices) was broken
        - glDeleteTextures() didn't decrement reference count correctly
        - GL_SRCA_ALPHA_SATURATE blend mode didn't work correctly
        - Actual depth of transformation matrix stacks was off by one
        - 24bpp visuals didn't address pixels correctly
        - mipmap level of detail (lambda) calculation simplified, more accurate
        - 101691 - Polygon clipping and GL_LINE
        - 101928 - Polygon clipping and GL_LINE (same fix as above)
        - 101808 - Non-glVertexArrays tristrip bug
        - 101971 - find_last_3f on Dec OSF (worked around)
        - 102369 - segv on dec osf (possibly a duplicate of the above)
        - 102893 - orientations of modelview cause segfault
        - updated SVGA Linux driver
        - added the MESA_FX_NO_SIGNALS env var, see docs/README.3DFX
        - build libGLw.a (Xt/OpenGL drawing area widget) library by default
        - changed -O2 to -O3 for a number of gcc configs
        - glXCopyContext's mask parameter is now unsigned long, per GLX spec

Please report any problems with this release ASAP. Bugs should be filed on the Mesa3D website at sourceforge.

After 3.2 is wrapped up I hope to release 3.3 beta 1 soon afterward.

-- Brian